​​MazArt 8 Piece Brush Set

(buy 1 set, get 1 set free)

Marion's 8 Piece Brush set - Special offer WHILST STOCKS LAST. Buy One set at £50 and get a 2nd Set FREE (includes shipping)

A synthetic mix of flats, mops, and dome blender. Used by Marion in her Pet & Portrait Courses. Marion's brushes can be used for oil and acrylic, however, it is advisable to have separate sets for artists who use both mediums. Please note due to covid we will not be stocking any more brush sets for the foreseeable future therefore when these have gone they have gone. Price includes shipping overseas. (Link will take you to PayPal)

​​Buy Now £50 (for 2 sets)

Pet Portrait & Classic Portrait Booklets (Pair)

Do not be fooled by these little booklets they are jam-packed with hints and tips and also contain Marion's skin and hair swatches. Free Reference Photo & Tracing of Holly the cocker spaniel & The Portrait of Jess. Price includes shipping overseas (Link will take you to PayPal)

Buy Both £12

How to ENLARGE an Image with Rapid Resizer

In 2020 I discovered Rapid Resizer for an EASY solution to enlarging images using only a standard printer. I now use this program all the time for larger commission pieces and I LOVE it! Watch the full video to see how I use this amazing program. Please note this is an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission for recommending should you decide to buy this program but it doesn't cost you anything extra. I only recommend products I find useful and use myself.

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